Caring for the Myrtillocactus Geometrizans

Well-known and beloved both in its native habitat and by cactus enthusiasts worldwide, the Myrtillocactus geometrizans cactus is a magnificent, often towering, shrub cactus from central Mexico. Known for both the berries it produces and the ease by which it can be propagated or grafted, this plant is a welcome addition to any indoor collection … Read more

Finding Little White Bugs on Your Plants? This Could be a Mealybug Infestation

Have you recently spotted little white bugs on your plants? These could be mealybugs. The most common type of mealybug is the long tailed or citrus mealybug. They can look like white fuzz on plants leaves and stems. They are very teeny in size and mainly oval-shaped, white in color and up to 6mm long. … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Providing Proper Care To Your Graptoveria

Succulents are one of the easier to grow types of houseplants and great for those with little time to spend caring for and watering. One of my favorites is the Graptoveria. There are a number of different types of graptoveria, each with their own unique attributes but a common form factor. It has plump, compact, … Read more

How to Care For The Variegated String of Hearts

The variegated string of hearts is a stunning houseplant that is very popular among collectors. Its long, trailing stems and heart-shaped leaves make it a fun option for almost any size of a home. It is not a plant that requires too much attention, which makes it an easy houseplant to maintain. One of its … Read more