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Garden Lively is an online publication aimed at providing the very best tips and advice for new gardeners who love household plants! We offer the latest news, in-depth how-to guides and reviews to help you grow beautiful indoor plants and gardens.

We are plant lovers that have expertise in indoor gardening, horticulture, house plants, succulents, and orchids. We write very detailed How To’s and in depth Guides on Caring for Plants. We believe the more information you have, the more your green thumb will grow!

We love to get hands-on with gardening products and create specific recommendations for buyers so you can make sure you spend your money wisely.

We have purchased plants from all over the world and scoured the top markets for the best plants as well and will provide our best tips and advise for buying plants to ensure they are healthy and happy.

The Garden Lively Team

Elle Annes

Elle is a plant lover and grower extraordinaire! Propagation, plant health and plant care are her expertise. She also creates custom planters in her spare time to decorate her new house with her son. Her favorite plants are snake plants and she is attending Oregon State University’s Horticulture Program.

She also has a love for pets and might mention her dogs, cats, guinea pigs, or chickens in posts from time to time which of course all have unique names!

Sarah Barnes

Sarah is a dog mom to 3 wild beasts.. aka pugs! She is a propagation specialist at her local horticulture club and works in the outdoor garden. She enjoys creating new plants over and over again- all kinds. She is also very into hydroponics and finding clever ways to grow plants and gardens indoors.

Editorial Policy

GardenLively adheres to the strictest journalistic policies, we have a commitment to providing fair and unbiased reporting in all of our news coverage. Our journalists are required to fact-check each article before it is published and provide sources for quotes and statistics.

Each article is checked by an editor with expertise in that area before publication and our guides are regularly checked and updated where necessary to ensure our information is always accurate.

We create a lot of our own photos and graphics but where we use existing images our writers are required to obtain assets which are within the public domain and link to the source of any images used.

We pride ourselves in becoming a highly trusted and respected authority on news and informational guides within the home & garden industry.

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