An Overview of The Gorgeous Velvety Philodendron Micans

Philodendron species are common houseplants but few are as stunning as Philodendron micans, also known as the velvet leaf philodendron for its lightly textured leaves and rich purple-bronze undertones. Whether you’re new to houseplants or already a collector, the velvet leaf philodendron makes a great addition to your indoor garden. While easy to care for, … Read more

How to Care For The Variegated String of Hearts

The variegated string of hearts is a stunning houseplant that is very popular among collectors. Its long, trailing stems and heart-shaped leaves make it a fun option for almost any size of a home. It is not a plant that requires too much attention, which makes it an easy houseplant to maintain. One of its … Read more

How to Care For The Lush Calathea Orbifolia

Anyone looking for a unique, beautiful houseplant has probably at least considered a Calathea orbifolia. These plants are not only wonderfully lush, with large, broad leaves, but also feature a striking green and silver color pattern, which makes them an attractive addition to any room. However, like all plants, the orbifolia has some specific care … Read more