Perlite is One of the Most Versatile Components For Indoor Plant Growth

Perlite Soil

If you have ever purchased regular potting soil, you have may have noticed these little white rock like looking puffs of popcorn inside. These components in the soil mixture is called Perlite. It is there for a very important reason – to allow your plants roots to breathe! What is Perlite? Perlite is one of … Read more

What Does Bright Indirect Light for Plants Mean?

Bright Indirect Light

When it comes to growing plants, a variety of different types of light can be used. One of the most popular choices is bright indirect light. This light is perfect for several different types of plants, and it can help ensure that they get the light they need to thrive. Most household plants will do … Read more

Finding Little White Bugs on Your Plants? This Could be a Mealybug Infestation

Have you recently spotted little white bugs on your plants? These could be mealybugs. The most common type of mealybug is the long tailed or citrus mealybug. They can look like white fuzz on plants leaves and stems. They are very teeny in size and mainly oval-shaped, white in color and up to 6mm long. … Read more

What are the Advantages of Hydroponics?

Advantages of Hydroponics

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil. Plants are grown by means of an artificial medium such as sand, gravel, mineral wool and other inert material. The nutrient solution is provided via the irrigation system and it’s essential for the plant to absorb all the necessary nutrients in order to grow properly. There … Read more